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Arul Nool Tamil Pdf Download

Arul Nool Tamil PDF Download - A Guide to the Holy Scripture of Ayyavazhi

Arul Nool is a supplement to the Akilattirattu Ammanai, the main religious text of the Tamil belief system Ayyavazhi. It is considered a holy scripture by the followers of Ayya Vaikundar, a 19th century social reformer and religious leader who is regarded as an incarnation of God. Arul Nool contains the collection of messages given by Ayya Vaikundar to his disciples, whose names are unknown. It also includes prayer formulae, instructions, predictions, and songs related to the Ayyavazhi faith. Arul Nool was originally written on palm leaves and later printed in 1927. If you are interested in learning more about this sacred book, you can download the Arul Nool Tamil PDF from the links provided below.

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What is Arul Nool?

Arul Nool means "the book of grace" in Tamil. It is a collection of 17 sections, each containing different types of literature. The sections are as follows:

  • Ukappadippu: The song of the aeon, which describes the advent of Ayya Vaikundar and his mission to transform the world into a righteous age.

  • Ucchippadippu: The noon prayer, which is chanted by the devotees at 12:00 pm every day.

  • Vazhappadippu: The evening prayer, which is chanted by the devotees at dusk every day.

  • Pothippu: The morning prayer, which is chanted by the devotees at dawn every day.

  • Saattu Neettolai: The lamentations of Ayya Vaikundar, which express his sufferings and compassion for the oppressed people.

  • Ayya Cicarukku Chonna Pathiram: The document given to the disciples by Ayya Vaikundar, which contains his teachings and commandments.

  • Ayya Cicarukku Chonna Sivakanta Atikara Pathiram: The document given to the disciples by Ayya Vaikundar, which contains his criticisms and corrections of the Hindu scriptures and practices.

  • Tinkalpatam: The document given to the disciples by Ayya Vaikundar, which contains his advice and guidance on various aspects of life.

  • Natuthirvai Ula: The prophecy of the final judgment, which reveals the signs and events that will precede the end of the world and the establishment of God's kingdom.

  • Kalyana Vazhthu: The song of felicitation, which is sung during the marriages of the followers of Ayyavazhi.

  • Saptha Kannimar Padal: The song of the seven virgins, which narrates the story of how seven young women sacrificed their lives to protect Ayya Vaikundar from his enemies.

  • Panchatevar Urpatthi: The origin of the five folk deities, which explains how five warriors became divine beings and served as Ayya Vaikundar's soldiers.

  • Thiruvasakam: The sacred hymn, which praises Ayya Vaikundar as the supreme lord and savior.

  • Thirukkalyana Vasakam: The hymn of the divine marriage, which celebrates the union of Ayya Vaikundar with Lakshmi , Saraswati , and Parvati , who are considered as his consorts.

  • Thiruppaal Mantram: The mantra of protection, which invokes Ayya Vaikundar's grace and power to ward off evil and danger.

  • Thiruchabai Mantram: The mantra of purification, which cleanses the devotees from their sins and impurities.

  • Thirunamam: The holy name, which is Ayya Vaikundar's personal name that is revealed only to his faithful followers.

Why should you read Arul Nool?

Arul Nool is a valuable source of information and inspiration for anyone who wants to learn more about the Ayyavazhi faith and its founder, Ayya Vaikundar. It is also a rich and diverse literary work that showcases the creativity and wisdom of the Tamil culture and language. By reading Arul Nool, you can gain insight into the following aspects:

  • The history and biography of Ayya Vaikundar, who was born in 1809 in a low-caste family and rose to become a charismatic leader and a divine messenger.

  • The theology and philosophy of Ayyavazhi, which is based on the concept of Ekam , the one supreme reality that manifests itself in various forms and names.

  • The ethics and morality of Ayyavazhi, which emphasize the values of compassion, justice, equality, non-violence, and service to humanity.

  • The rituals and practices of Ayyavazhi, which include the worship of Ayya Vaikundar in temples called Pathis and Nizhal Thangals , the observance of festivals and ceremonies, and the performance of charitable deeds.

  • The social and political impact of Ayyavazhi, which challenged the caste system, the British colonial rule, and the orthodox Hindu traditions in 19th century South India.

  • The vision and prophecy of Ayyavazhi, which foretell the coming of a new age of peace, harmony, and righteousness under the rule of Ayya Vaikundar.

How can you download Arul Nool Tamil PDF?

If you are interested in downloading Arul Nool Tamil PDF, you can use the following links to access the online versions of the book. These links are provided by various websites that host or share the PDF files. Please note that these links are not affiliated with or endorsed by any official or authorized source of Ayyavazhi. You are advised to use your own discretion and judgment when downloading or reading these files. You can also purchase printed copies of Arul Nool from bookstores or online platforms that sell religious books.

  • [Arul Nool - Wikipedia]: This link will take you to the Wikipedia page on Arul Nool, where you can find a brief overview of the book and its contents. You can also find a link to download the PDF file at the bottom of the page under "External links".

  • [Akilathirattu Ammanai - Wikipedia]: This link will take you to the Wikipedia page on Akilathirattu Ammanai, where you can find a detailed description of the main religious text of Ayyavazhi. You can also find a link to download the PDF file of Arul Nool at the bottom of the page under "External links".

  • [Arul Nool Tamil PDF 35 -]: This link will take you to a blog post that provides a brief introduction to Arul Nool and its author. You can also find a link to download the PDF file at the end of the post under "Download".

I hope this article has helped you to learn more about Arul Nool and how to download it in Tamil PDF format. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading.

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